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A knowing belief in global entanglement and humanity as ONE. With our consciousness set as ONE, our actions will follow.

Do you believe?


What is ONE. Community Worldwide

ONE. Community Worldwide is an organization built on an understanding of who and what we are and our realized global entanglement. From this understanding, we developed a new way of serving one another. 

In 2015, ONE. Community Worldwide was developed as a new visionary organization created by Gary Fuller and Holly Williamson. This organization was created as a new way of conducting business, structured to directly addresses the issues surrounding global poverty and the achievement of abundance by creating an interconnected community of business divisions founded on four main principles: 

We spent the better part of eight months developing our business plans and the next year and a half searching for investors. Unfortunately, we were unable to secure the funding for the entire business organization. I now know that my pride in what we developed had blinded me, and because of that blindness, I was unwilling to break it up and start each division one at a time, which many potential investors were asking me to do. After my pride and financial reserves were completely exhausted, leaving me broke, homeless and stripped from visions of grandeur, I was able to sit, listen within and learn a wonderful lesson in Humility, Gratitude and Grace.


Why share the Business Overview

I wanted to offer the possibilities for a new way of looking at business, humanity and humanity’s involvement in the physical world. Understanding that we are truly living as ONE and a real opportunity for everyone to live abundantly. 





The Brief

The co-founder's beliefs, values and understanding of the world we live in.

ONE. Global Empowerment Division Business Plan Overview

ONE. Global Empowerment is focused on directly managing and implementing solutions surrounding poverty and the achievement of global abundance.

ONE. Community Worldwide Overview

Click here to view the condensed business plan.

ONE. Life Center: Spiritual Center Experience

This story is created to provide insight into the visual and emotional feelings evoked when encountering the property, the buildings, its surroundings and services for the first time.