The Key To Love

The Key To Love: Synopsis


In a park on a summer’s day, a father and his thirteen-year-old daughter enjoy each other’s company while eating lunch. Ally asks her dad who she is and from there, the pair embark on a life-changing conversation about love, identity and forgiveness. While Ally struggles to fit in and feel like she belongs in her teenage world, her father does his best to explain to her how all of humanity is connected. Using examples from every-day life, he helps his daughter understand how people are unique but connected as one.  Even though each is unique, everyone is more alike than dissimilar because people come from one Source, also known by many names as God, Allah, Yahweh, Shiva, Universe and the Creator.

Using his experience, guidance and patience, Ally’s father helps her achieve self-acceptance and shows her it is better to forgive people who have hurt her as it’s the only way to love herself.

This is a story about love and acceptance, but also self-discovery and understanding.

Readers will be inspired to find the truth of who they are and then proceed to live that truth. The truth alleviates the struggle, discord, frustration, anxiety, depression, hatred, confusion and guilt in life. Readers will understand their true life as Love or their false life as Fear. They will learn that they can choose to live under the shadow of fear or in the light of love. Readers will walk away from this book feeling inspired, hopeful and at peace.


The Audience


While this book would have been easy to write just for adults, I felt compelled to take such an important topic and explain it in such a way that our middle school kids, teens, adults, parents and teachers will understand and thus stay engaged.  The books dialog allows for an individual to self evaluate and interact in peer-to-peer, parent to adolescent or group discussions.

Parent & Teacher Discussion Guides are available on the website.


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