Pre-Book Discussion Guide

Every person has a unique past and therefore has their own understanding of love and who they are. This questionnaire will help parents and/or teachers to identify each individual’s current understanding before reading The Key to Love is Knowing Who I Am.


Post-Book Discussion Guide

After reading The Key to Love Is Knowing Who I Am, this discussion guide will challenge the reader’s depth of understanding and allow for group discussions on many key topics within the book.


Crossword Puzzle

The crossword puzzle is a great activity for readers of all ages designed to evaluate their depth of understanding. Also provided is the Answer Key:
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Class Assignment: Your Future Relationship

I really enjoy seeing the universe place’s in front of me exactly what is needed and in perfect timing. This class assignment was one of those events. As I was finishing the manuscript for this book, my daughter handed me one of her assignments. She said that they answered their worksheet in class and she wanted me to fill out the parent/guardian worksheet. She handed me an envelope and said that, after completing, I was to put it in the envelope, seal it and give it back to her so she could take it to her teacher. The teacher then matched the parent’s worksheet with their students. After reading each worksheet, the teacher handed them back to each student and read several parent/student worksheets for discussions. My daughter said it was one of her favorite assignments of the year. Provided are both the student and parent/guardian worksheets. I have also included my answers in a separate document.

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